When Prophecy Fails

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So, we can predict - if nothing else - that those who sincerely believed the world would end on May 21, , will likely make sense of the failed prophecy, and that they will probably not do so by saying that they were mistaken. So let's make this recent event a teachable moment, because failed prophecies do not just entail the end of the world. We hear prophecies all of the time, from political, economic, and sports pundits; from psychologists including me who write about how to be happy and healthy; and from people in the course of their mundane lives, anytime they order an entree, buy a car, or start a new job.

Sometimes these prophecies - predictions, forecasts, expectations, whatever we term them - prove to be wrong. How many folks acknowledge that they were mistaken when the ensuing facts stare them in the face? Some do, but many don't. Indeed, a politician who acknowledges a failed prophecy is branded a waffler, as if being consistent were more important than being realistic.

Festinger, L.

We can't learn if we're never wrong.

The second condition specifies strong behavioral commitment to the belief. I knew I was close to something. Dissonance produces discomfort and, correspondingly, there will arise pressures to reduce or eliminate the dissonance. Trivia About When Prophecy Fai Overview reprint of First edition.

When prophecy fails: A social and psychological study of a modern group that predicted the destruction of the world. University of Minnesota Press.

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Today 24th of May , just before I stumbled onto this website for my first time visit there are no coincidences , I read in my Dutch newspaper the response from the preacher Harold Camping, the very same man who predicted May 21st: he has made a mistake. The actual date is now October first.. He made a mistake in his calculations and it should have always been October first.

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Encountering When Prophecy Fails, Encountering Cognitive Dissonance

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Once a Narcissist, Always a Narcissist? The Physical Sense of Self. Dogs Demonstrate Episodic-Like Memory. Christopher Peterson Ph. When prophecy fails..

Submitted by KrimSon on May 24, - pm. Of course, this is now the third date he has given us for Worlds End These drugs have been shown to be protective against HIV infection in animal PrEP studies and are now being used clinically, and tenofovir is considered the backbone of HIV therapy, both used orally and topically. The new UNC study looked at drug concentrations in the mucus membrane tissues that are most susceptible to HIV infection: the tissue lining the vagina, cervix and rectum.

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The study was led by Angela D. When a person takes a drug, it doesn't end up in the same concentration in different tissues. Indeed, concentrations of tenofovir were times higher in rectal tissue than in vaginal or cervical tissue. And are the concentrations achieved even after a single dose high enough to prevent HIV infections?

According to Kashuba, it's clear from the recent clinical studies that drug concentration in tissue may make a difference in effectiveness. For example, in one of the placebo-controlled PrEP clinical trials involving men who have sex with men, the combination of these drugs provided about 44 percent effectiveness overall.

But the half the men given the active form of the drugs had no detectable drug in their system when they were sampled during the study and, therefore, were not taking it consistently every day. Thus, the high tenofovir concentrations in rectal tissue could explain the relatively high efficacy of 44 percent. The daily tenofovir arm was stopped because no protection was seen for the drug taken daily.

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The authors of the study and the editorial say adherence to taking the drug as prescribed is crucial. They lament that the only prospective means of measuring adherence now available is what the patient reports.

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The UNC researcher points to lessons learned: "Before delving into a clinical trial, we need to keep in mind that when someone takes a pill, you can't assume that the drug gets in all places at the same amount.