The Princess and the Smelly Dog

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Nikki is upset that Tyler did not want to be with her first and does not know if he can trust her, so she ignores him, which makes Tyler upset. Tyler finally discovers the truth; that he has always wanted to be with Nikki. Avery gives Nikki advice instead of Tyler, insisting that she "dodged a bullet", but then realizes that Tyler is not moving on like she thought, so she tries to fix their relationship problem. Wes asks Avery to the dance, which she accepts.

It turns out Avery cannot dance, but her arch nemesis, Karl, offers to teach her how to dance. Karl tells Wes that he is going to the dance with Avery, when in fact he is not. Wes gets mad at Avery, causing her to leave the dance. Lindsay and Max confront Wes and try to figure out what happened.

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Stan accidentally gets Avery and Wes to break up and he tries to get them back together by tricking Wes by telling him that he is Avery's cousin, so Avery tries to have a cast with Tyler in it. Afterward, Wes accepts Avery's apology.

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Ellen hires an animal trainer, Cherri Pickford, to train Stan, but Cherri fails to do so. She leaves, and Ellen and Bennett make Stan an outside dog. Chloe, Tyler, and Avery disagree and stay outside with Stan; they then stay outside all night with Stan.

When their parents will not agree with them, they try to publicly humiliate their parents. Then, Ellen and Bennett come outside and force them to come inside. They call back Cherri and make Stan listen to her. Ellen and Bennett then make Stan an inside dog again. Avery does not understand why Wes is avoiding her, but she later learns that Wes is moving away, which breaks Avery's heart.

For Bennett and Ellen's anniversary, the children have a do-over wedding for them. Avery and Tyler tell Stan the story of how they first met and the story of the first wedding. Due to business being slow at the food truck, Tyler gets let go.


Hickory, Dickory, and Doc. Stan enters the Dog show to be closer to Princess. Finally, the puppies are born, and Stan names them Freddy and Gracie. Avery keeps having the same dream, so she goes to Bennett for help, Bennett says if she keeps having the dream, she must really like Karl, Avery then screams and run right out of the room. Check out these pet friendly treats you can serve up on game day. Avery has a crush on a boy named Wes and believes he will not talk to her because of her height. Thanks for telling us about the problem.

To get back the customers and his job, he asks Avery to record a song, which she agrees to since singing is her dream. The song is used in a commercial and is very popular, but when she gets criticized for her singing, she starts having second thoughts. However, she agrees to sing one last time, live, in order for Tyler to get his job back. A billionaire tries to get Stan to star in a commercial, but Stan does not want to because someone may find out his secret.

Avery and Tyler come up with a plan to stop the billionaire from getting Stan, but Ellen and Bennett walk in just before he leaves. After Stan sneaks into Avery and Tyler's school because he wanted to go, after how Avery made it sound so fun, she suggests using a robot to go to school. After Stan stays up all night watching Ellen make a fool of herself, he falls asleep, forgetting to turn off the computer. Avery, Tyler, and Chloe look at the computer, finding out that Stan blogs. Meanwhile, Bennett tells Ellen the big news about his book being published.

Bennett keeps bragging about how weird his publisher eats, and Stan mistakenly tells Bennett's publisher about it, which gets Bennett's publisher to quit writing Bennett's books. Bennett says if he does not get the publisher back, then they'll lose their home, so Stan writes that he'll stop blogging and talking to Bennett's publisher, even if it means he has to give up his secret, but the publisher had eye surgery and cannot see. Avery, Tyler, and Chloe try to stop Stan; Bennett's publisher hears them talking to Stan, but thinks they are talking to him; he then thanks the children and rehires himself.

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Avery makes a senior prank for Tyler to do and it eventually makes both Tyler and Avery expelled. After Tyler is offered a big opportunity, Avery puts Tyler to the test to see if he's ready. Later, Tyler gets in, but he has to practice another semester, which he does not like. Stan develops a crush on a dog named Princess, but he has to figure out how to avoid her snobby, mean owner Heather Collins, who is also Avery's new schoolmate and the family's new neighbor's daughter.

Avery gets a bad grade in life skills class after not seeing a point in the class, even though her assignments are always perfect.

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Meanwhile, Stan visits the vet Tyler tricks him into thinking they're going out for some "toe-tasting". While writing his blog, Stan reminisces with Chloe about the family's latest Christmas, in which he tried convincing the children that the holiday is about spending time with family and not about receiving presents. When the children realize that Stan hid the presents in the middle of the night to teach them the purpose of Christmas, they convince him the gifts must be recovered before Ellen and Bennett find out.

Stan buried the presents in the park, but has trouble remembering where exactly. In addition, the park is closed for a private family Christmas party, so the children must pose as members of the McCorkin family to stay and dig for their gifts. Meanwhile, in the backyard, Bennett works to assemble a trampoline as a Christmas present. He insists to Ellen that there was no need to pay to have the trampoline assembled, but when he has difficulty putting it together himself, he secretly hires someone to finish the project. Meanwhile, Chloe and Tyler take turns helping Ellen cook Christmas dinner, and to distract her and Bennett from noticing the presents are missing.

Eventually, Stan remembers he buried the presents beneath other presents in the park that are for children as part of a charity toy drive , and Avery, Tyler and Chloe decide to donate their gifts to the children. Avery gets more into designing clothes and she wants to make some for other people. She makes a cute outfit for Lindsey and Avery wants to make one for Max, but Max does not want to wear any.

Max tells Avery she does not like her designs, and Avery is devastated, arguing afterward with Max, who tells her she needs a better friend and leaves. Avery then apologizes to Max, and they make up. Meanwhile, after finding out that Ellen has been secretly putting kale in his dinner, Bennett tries to make Ellen try new things, of which she does not approve. Stan tries to win over Princess by changing his look, with Tyler and Chloe's help, but after he sees a gopher, he messes it up, and Princess surprisingly likes him this way.

At the end of this episode, Stan writes in his blog that Bennett and Ellen learned not to change people without them knowing, Avery learned not to change people when they know about it, and he learned that Princess likes him after all, even without him trying to change himself. Avery is worried about a recent dream of her and Karl sharing a kiss. Stan helps Avery get over her dream, by inviting Karl over.

Avery keeps having the same dream, so she goes to Bennett for help, Bennett says if she keeps having the dream, she must really like Karl, Avery then screams and run right out of the room.

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Later, Ellen gives advice to Avery and tells her the first kiss she had with Bennett and that it was beautiful, Avery then invites Karl to get over the dream by trying to see if there is a spark between them. Stan enters the Dog show to be closer to Princess. When he wins, Heather and Princess leave and Stan is upset. At the house, Heather knocks on the door and ask Avery to make cute designs for Princess, but Avery rejects her, but then Stan comes up with an idea for Avery to work with Heather, so he could frolic with his girlfriend.

When Heather constantly exasperates Avery, Stan feels Avery's pain and runs Heather out of the house. Tyler is accused of cheating and he goes to extreme measures to prove his innocence.

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Meanwhile, Avery, Max, and Lindsey get a boyfriend, only to find out that their new beau is dating all three of them. The three girls get revenge on him by making him eat a lot of things at the local food fair. Stan realizes that he missed out on all Avery's special events, including her birthday, so he promises to make up for those days, but he gets caught off track when he befriends Karl and constantly has sleepovers with him. Because of this, Avery becomes jealous and desolated in her room at night.

When Tyler and Avery notice that Stan is saying "groom" in his sleep, they worry his secret will be exposed.

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The Princess and the Smelly Dog - Kindle edition by Gemma Wood, Craig Isherwood. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. The Sunshine Princess and the Stinky Dog Go To Town (A Children's Picture ebook) eBook: Paul Ramage: Kindle Store.

Things get worse when he starts sleepwalking and saying "doghouse" and later "princess. Later, Stan realizes what's going on and says that he was doing the opposite. He then knows what he must do, so he proposes to Princess and she accepts, meaning that they're engaged. Stan is about to get married, so to pay for everything, the wedding is submitted to the Wacky Jackie Show, a web series which stars the title character who uses her money to entertain herself. Avery is running for class president when she realizes that no one else is running.

So, she asks Max to do it instead because she does not care. However, things take a big turn when Max is winning and Avery is not. Karl announces that Princess is pregnant and Stan will soon be a father. However, Heather will not let Stan be anywhere near Princess for the birth of their puppies, so the children come up with a plan to get Stan to view his puppies being born. The plan involves the children dressing up and pretending to be part of Heather's family.

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Once they get to the area that Princess is having the puppies, they find that Heather is waiting outside the door. When Karl arrives, Avery sees that Heather has a massive crush on him, so she takes advantage of it and sits the two down to flirt. Finally, the puppies are born, and Stan names them Freddy and Gracie. Heather then wants to give away the puppies, so the kids try to convince their parents to adopt them. They succeed eight weeks later; however, Ian from "Stan's Old Owner" has already bought them, and Stan risks anything to get them back.

Avery and Chloe get into a fight after Chloe discovers that Avery is using her to get closer to a boy she likes. After Stan attempts to get Gracie and Freddy to say their first words many times, Gracie finally says "Dada", and Stan and the kids get excited, but know that Gracie's secret getting out will have the same effect as Stan's secret getting out. Ellen soon hears Gracie talking, makes a video, posts it on the Internet, and soon, she and Gracie are invited to be on live TV. When the children discover the news, they must find a way to stop Ellen before the secret is exposed.

At the end of the episode, Freddy begins talking as well. Max starts to date Karl, but when they break up, Avery and Lindsay try to get them back together. When Heather and Princess will be gone at a special school for a month, Stan keeps taking Princess away so he will keep his family together. After he accidentally leaves the front door open, allowing raccoons to come in and ruin the family's new couch, a guilty Stan wishes to be a cat instead of a dog.

His wish comes true, but he sees that adopting a cat will let major problems occur within the family. Tyler offers to help Avery when she is nervous about driving. Meanwhile, Chloe fears that she won't be "the cute one" as she grows up, while Stan looks up to Bennett to help with a conflict between Freddy and Gracie.