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Glossary and definitions. Working Together Find out how publishers, research libraries and national libraries can support archiving initiatives to ensure the future of the digital scholarly record. Hip hop, indie and alternative stuff. I'm quite into it. It's diverse. Oliver: It's very unique. It's not like London where it's diluted by loads of bands who no one has heard of.

Here’s your need to know on the seven-episode true crime series that’ll take over your evening

There's a few select bands who are all unique and that makes it quite special I guess. Steve: I think some of the venues closing There used to be The Roadmender which used to be the core venue for guitar bands and they seem to have shifted to drum and bass and grime where they used to be the breaking ground for new bands. Then there was The Soundhaus and you had bands like The Killers and Kasabian turn up and two months later they'd be playing arenas. I think it's a bit more disparate in town now. There's venues like The Lamplighter where people go just to watch bands no matter who's playing so they are good training grounds but a lot of the clubs just want cover bands now.

John: The scenes as good as you want it to be really. If you get involved and support everybody else it creates a good community spirit. It's easy to step away and think negatively about it. Jordan: Most of the time. We had The Mobbs playing with us last June, then they asked us to play at their last gig. It was nice because we would have been there anyway so I was like 'Wow! I can bring my guitar with me as well! It's a person thing really. Peter: Northampton's got a great grass roots music scene but we need a band to breakthrough to the mainstream.

Are there any local bands you'd tip for stardom? Jordan: It's like Manchester isn't it? Joy Division opened up the gateway for the next generation. Steve: Sarpa Salpa have got a couple of tracks that are very on the money. They've certainly got strong material. Ginger Snaps: they're proper hip hop with bits of rock n' roll. Jordan: I quite like Killer Mojo who are absolutely mental. We did a gig with them in Milton Keynes and they're really fantastic, they've got some really good material. I'd like them to go far but they're in the same boat as us: they're not commercially viable so they're not going to get Radio One airplay, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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Joseph Maskell, as well, that the Catholic Church continues to cover up. As of Who is the Keeper? As a result, The Keepers paints an especially sinister picture of the archdiocese by detailing how Wehner was told that the archdiocese needed a second complaint, or a witness to back up her claims, even though it already had one. Wildfires are getting worse.

I'd like to see them and Deaf Trap go really far. Jordan: A mansion in Cheshire! I just want people to dig the music because if they get the music then they 'get' us a little bit. To get a bit of recognition and appreciation for what we do. Peter: You've recently re-released your first four singles.

When you look at them as a body of work chronologically how do you evaluate the bands progression?

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Jordan: A lot of songs were kind of written, they're not like new songs apart from 'Here Comes Spring'. We were like: we want to put out something that is so '60s because we've got the ability to make it like this.

The True Story Behind Netflix’s Documentary ‘The Keepers’ And The Murder Of Sister Cathy

Jordan: The songs that we're playing plus the extra tracks that are not in the set list tonight we could probably put them on an album. If we put them all on an album I think we'd all be unhappy. I wouldn't say the songs are unfinished but they just need that extra chord change or something like that. So I suppose it's working on the arrangements and that only comes after you get bored playing them for a bit.

I'd say two or three more singles for the rest of the year then we might release an actual body of work like an album. Jordan: We did it one year before Liam joined and we applied for it last year but they didn't receive our application. Twinfest is something we really want to do this year. We're booking the weekend off and thinking that's where we want to be.

Whether or not we're actually playing we just want to get involved with it. I really hope we do play Twinfest this year. Jordan: We're going to the continent in October but we can't say where yet and we're going again next year. Jordan: I think they'll quite like it. I don't think it'll be Beatlemania but I think they'll get it.

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I hope they'll dig it. Oliver: The gig we did in Hastings for the Beano on the Sea festival was definitely up there for me. That was amazing. Jordan: I think one of the best gigs we did was fairly recently at MK11, I thought that was really good.

The Keepers (NTFLX Soundtrack) - Blake Neely

Going back was supporting The Moons at The Roadmender, one of our favourite bands. That might have been the gig turning point. It was the only time where I think we all actually felt nervous. We walked out on stage and there was 3 or people for our set. We were like 'This is it!

Jordan: We'd like to talk about it but I don't think Mr Director would be too happy. It's at The Pomfret Arms. It's gonna be a typical Keepers gig but we're going to take you back to a little speak easy in Soho. That's all we can say. We want extras dressed smart in casual, vintage wear. From 5 O'clock: be there or be square! Click for Tickets. By signing up you agree to receive news and offers from The Keepers. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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See Tickets Skiddle Facebook Link. Shiiine On Weekeder - November Apr 28, We are excited to announce that we will be playing at this years Shiiine On Weekender that will take place on 16th — 18th November at Butlins in Minehead. Peter: Hi guys. Please introduce yourselves. Who does what in the band? Jordan: I'm Jordan. Guitarist, singer and songwriter. Oliver: I'm Oliver. I play bass guitar. Steve: I'm Steve. Drums and percussion.

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Liam: I'm Liam, guitarist. John: I'm John, playing keyboards at the moment. Peter: How did you all meet and what gave you the idea to form the band? Peter: How do you feel this band gels together? Are you happy with the line up? Peter: Are you friends outside the band? Liam: It's the attitude on stage plus the sound itself.

A mixture of the two really.