Sur le fil des émotions (French Edition)

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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Sur le fil des émotions (French Edition) file PDF Book​. Sur le fil de ma vie au printemps (French Edition) - Kindle edition by Maryse MARTEL. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

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Ignore Learn more. Sign up. Type: All Select type. All Sources Forks Archived Mirrors. Different characters and their artistic projects. Convinced by what they are doing, self-confident sometimes a little too much , the characters give all they can, even if this means to come a cropper. Often they are funny, excessive and ridiculous. Yet, something does unite them: the wish and the need to do something, to create, to stay active. But, confronted to their limitations, they rarely succeed in getting and realizing what they had been looking for.

Lacking method, they navigate on unfavorable pathways or are even far out and almost lose themselves in emptyness, in a labyrinth of senselessness and lies. Yet, they keep going, trying and struggling. But often, their struggles are not successful. And this is funny, both cruel and funny — like to laugh at somebody who slips on a banana skin.

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But isn't that the very daily turn of anybody having thrown himself semi-consciously into a huge project, just as big as the mountains in their dreams, and having just taken the only shoes that he found under his nose: his flip-flops. One scene, as a counterpoint, shows a non-artistic subject which is interpreted in two different ways and echoes on another level the anarchy and the struggling that our artists are sucked into and with which they are trying to cope with on a cheerful way.

German-French Open Stage. Amateurs or professionals of music, poetry, theatre and dance - everybody who wishes to share your emotions: welcome! Important: there has to be at least one element in the foreign language during each performance. Text fr : C.

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Labail translated into German by: C. Labail Maria and Pierre are a couple. But they also working together: on a carousel for children, doing some little performances, too… But Maria ist fed up with that way of life. She wants a change, earn more money, travel and realize her dreams. As for Pierre, he does not wish to change things at all. He is a dreamy poet, pleased with his life just as it is.

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He likes taking his time, live quietly and happily without asking for more… So, a serious quarrel is going to heat up… But as they love each other deeply and share, as it comes out, the same dreams, their quarrel will take a surprising turn — with the audience as its active and priviledged witness They dream of one another, wish to find the other — and they do have a lot of imagination. The reading is performed both in French and in German. Scenic Reading An attempt to list all the aliments — liquids and solids — that I consumed in , written by Georges Perec.

C'est pas sorcier -Joie, peur, tristesse, colère... QUE D'EMOTIONS !

Performed either in French or in German. Time duration: 30 min. Algier — Poitiers: So. An Algerian.

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Living in France. Working hard for years and years. Always respecting the rules until that day, things are thrown over. La vie m'avait rserv bien des motions, mais celle que nous avons vcue avec Franois il y a pile 8 ans n'tait mme pas imaginable People France. People UK.

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