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I can't say this enough I hated Jasper Addison's mom's pimp and Addison's mom. He pointed to those people now, suddenly understanding why they were gesticulating and arguing with the king. She bled out. Nothing is what it seems. So, to be labeled as someone with GAD was an incredible insult to both myself and people who truly suffer from it! I did an exhaustive online search and was astounded by the articles that described my symptoms to the T. My mother was able to support herself as a single person, but with a child, it was hard financially.

And stray bullets had cut through the playground, and Will had tried to cover her, but she was hit anyway, and so what she wants to know, on that fifth floor elevator stop, is, what if Will, Will with the gun shoved in the back waistband of his jeans, MISSES. And so it goes, the whole long way down, as the elevator stops on each floor, and at each stop someone connected to his brother gets on to give Will a piece to a bigger story than the one he thinks he knows.

Pay close attention and you might solve this. On Monday afternoon, five students at Bayview High walk into detention. Only, Simon never makes it out of that classroom. Before the end of detention Simon's dead. On Monday, he died. Everyone has secrets, right? What really matters is how far you would go to protect them.

Perfect Mexican daughters do not go away to college. But Julia is not your perfect Mexican daughter.

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Then a tragic accident on the busiest street in Chicago leaves Olga dead and Julia left behind to reassemble the shattered pieces of her family. And no one seems to acknowledge that Julia is broken, too. With the help of her best friend Lorena, and her first kiss, first love, first everything boyfriend Connor, Julia is determined to find out. Was Olga really what she seemed? And either way, how can Julia even attempt to live up to a seemingly impossible ideal?

Guns just make it easier. A gun is sold in the classifieds after killing a spouse, bought by a teenager for needed protection. But which was it? Each has the incentive to pick up a gun, to fire it. Was it Rand or Cami, married teenagers with a young son? Daniel, who fears retaliation because of his race, who possessively clings to Grace, the love of his life?

Or Noelle, who lost everything after a devastating accident, and has sunk quietly into depression? One tense week brings all six people into close contact in a town wrought with political and personal tensions.

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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Binnie Fisher is a former newspaper police reporter, travel writer and editor. A native Texan, she has lived in Seattle and on. When tough-talking, no-nonsense Seattle reporter Dallas Knight is yanked off the Start reading She Saw His Face (Dallas Knight Mysteries Book 1) on your.

And someone will die. The Thunderhead cannot interfere in the affairs of the Scythedom. A year has passed since Rowan had gone off grid. Since then, he has become an urban legend, a vigilante snuffing out corrupt scythes in a trial by fire. His story is told in whispers across the continent.

There was just one problem: The technology didn't work. A riveting story of the biggest corporate fraud since Enron, a tale of ambition and hubris set amid the bold promises of Silicon Valley. In this masterful work, Beth Macy takes us into the epicenter of America's twenty-plus year struggle with opioid addiction. From distressed small communities in Central Appalachia to wealthy suburbs; from disparate cities to once-idyllic farm towns; it's a heartbreaking trajectory that illustrates how this national crisis has persisted for so long and become so firmly entrenched.

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Beginning with a single dealer who lands in a small Virginia town and sets about turning high school football stars into heroin overdose statistics, Macy endeavors to answer a grieving mother's question-why her only son died-and comes away with a harrowing story of greed and need. From the introduction of OxyContin in , Macy parses how America embraced a medical culture where overtreatment with painkillers became the norm. Through unsparing, yet deeply human portraits of the families and first responders struggling to ameliorate this epidemic, each facet of the crisis comes into focus.

In these politically fragmented times, Beth Macy shows, astonishingly, that the only thing that unites Americans across geographic and class lines is opioid drug abuse. The premiere episode featured Larry Anderson as Michael Long. In the pilot, the character is eventually gravely wounded and forced to undergo plastic surgery, becoming Michael Knight, as played by David Hasselhoff. As a result of Hasselhoff's voice being dubbed in to all of his lines, Anderson elected to remain uncredited in the episode. At the end of Season 1, lead actress Patricia McPherson was fired from the show due to a falling out with producer Robert Foster.

McPherson would be replaced by Rebecca Holden. Hasselhoff was reportedly angry about McPherson's firing but was in no position to fight the network or the show's producers for her job. McPherson returned for Season 3. David Hasselhoff eventually got his girlfriend on the show for an episode titled "White Bird". Hickland was brought in to help write the episode. The episode was more mature and dealt with solicitation.

At the end of season 1 during the wrap party, Hasselhoff celebrated Hickland's birthday. A cake was presented with a replica of K.

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Written in icing were the words "Look Under the Hood. The couple honeymooned during the shows second season. During the episode "Mouth of the Snake" Hasselhoff is barely seen, because he was on his honeymoon with Hickland. Hickland returned to the show on "Let it Be Me". NBC was trying to create a spinoff series during the episode "Mouth of the Snake".

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The couple divorced in , and Hickland later married Michael E. Stu Phillips and Glen Larson composed the music for the show.

The decision to use synthesizers was largely a network decision. Larson claims that they used five or six synthesizers, drums and a Fender bass. Stuntman Jack Gill worked on the show, and had previously worked on the Dukes of Hazzard. In the book, "Knight Rider Legacy" Gill remembers one jump that was reused several times throughout the show. In the episode, "The Topaz Connection" K.

He teases her, uses his charm kindly and honestly you can't help but love him too!! That can be so rare in romantic novels because the ladies are often treated disdainfully and unkindly by their love interest until the male finally "realizes" they love her.

I also enjoyed how Patricia Knight gave her characters a common interest that brought them together as friends, and how their budding relationship was based on more than merely physical attraction, although that was there from the beginning. The love scenes were steamy, anticipatory, breathless and sometimes laced with some humor and I thought they were wonderful.

Such a refreshing change from some of the more violent sexual encounters in some other romantic novels. Honestly, I cannot wait until Book 2, of the Heirs and Spares series!!

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I highly recommend this book for your reading pleasure, you will not be disappointed. An old, wizened spinster of 30, Eleanor has long given up hope of finding a husband on her own. However, it's imperative that she does find a husband, or else her family's title and properties will pass on to the crown once her ailing father dies. Being a practical sort of spinster, Eleanor directs her lawyer to find her an appropriate and eligible bachelor that would be willing to enter into a business marriage with her. Lord Miles Everleigh is exactly what Eleanor is looking for.

He's handsome An old, wizened spinster of 30, Eleanor has long given up hope of finding a husband on her own. He's handsome, charming, from a good family, and completely destitute. He lives off the good graces of friends and "special female companions. Of course, through trials and tribulations, Eleanor and Miles develop feelings for each other This was a light and charming historical romance.

The sex scenes were bolstered by quite a bit of actual plot and character development. Both Miles and Eleanor are headstrong and stubborn, which leads to early misunderstandings between them that keep their love from blossoming immediately. Which helped the book run pages instead of In a great many historical romances, one encounters the trope of the "penniless maiden," an innocent girl that must throw herself on the mercy and largess of a powerful man. I particularly enjoyed seeing that turned on its ear -- Miles as the broke bachelor is refreshing and gives Eleanor a ton of power in the relationship.

Sexy and sweet I will cut to the chase. Here are all the reasons I really liked this book : 1. Without being long-winded and overly detailed a quality i occasionally appreciate when done well , it conveyed a common regency theme with endearing characters 2. And had a reasonable number of sex scenes that were sweet but still hot though I'd fiercely debate the frequency of oral sex in regency England, pre Victorian perhaps, but regency The author tried to stay true to the Sexy and sweet I will cut to the chase.

The author tried to stay true to the language of the period without being pretentious or repetitive.

'It was sad to watch'

The hero and heroine were likable and not interminably obstinate for chapters on end. Instead they were reasonably flawed. I did feel the blackmail story was not sufficiently dealt with and seemed to employ a deus ex machina device in its resolution, but I'm also happy that the author chose to employ only two common themes rather than inundate us with every regency theme that has ever existed.

I'm less persuaded about the reversion plot as the horses were unlikely to be part of the estate that would return to the crown, just the houses and land and the receipts they brought, but I'm allowing myself to suspend my disbelief. A good read! Feb 12, Katie rated it really liked it.