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What we saw A video shared on Facebook in February shows a man in a suit walking through what looks like a government assembly hall, shaking hands and dropping small cards at a number of empty seats. In the Ukrainian Parliament, members must use identification cards to vote, but that is not true in the Spanish Parliament. In the past, this video has circulated with claims that it shows the French or Brazilian parliaments, according to Maldito Bulo.

Our machine learning models picked up additional videos making the same claim and surfaced them to our fact-checkers. Maldito Bulo and another fact-checker, Newtral, rated them false, leading us to take action on them, as well. These videos were posted in February, before we had expanded our fact-checking partnership to Spain. They were rated soon after the expansion and quickly taken action on, but in the intervening time had been shared tens of thousands of times.

The article cited research by Dr. The article link was caught early; it had only been shared about 23 times before it was fact-checked. Our fact-checking partner Nu. Further, while it has been claimed that aluminum and mercury in flu vaccines lead to the disease, Nu. We will also be informing people with authoritative information on the topic. How we caught it This one was identified via machine learning.

What we saw In February , a French website published an article claiming that the UN was seeking to legalize pedophilia. The text of the article was copy-and-pasted from an earlier article that has been floating around the internet for several years. The article, which was shared to Facebook the same month, suggests that the UN is demanding sexual rights for children as young as 10 years old, which would protect pedophiles from criminal prosecution and imprisonment.

The much-copied article seems to refer to a declaration by the International Planned Parenthood Federation, an advocate of sexual and reproductive health and rights that has participated in several UN commissions.

How we caught it This article was found via our machine learning model, which detected it based on the similarity of its central claim to a claim that had been previously debunked by 20 Minutes. When we find possible matches like these, we surface them to fact-checkers to confirm that they are in fact the same claim. The account, EbbaBuschThorKD, was revealed to be a fake and shut down, but screenshots of the tweet continued to circulate. No — as our fact-checking partner Viralgranskaren Viral Examiner noted in their article debunking the screenshot , EbbaBuschThorKD was a fake Twitter account that has since been shut down.

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What to know False news can have a long shelf life when its subjects remain in the spotlight. Even though this screenshot first surfaced in , it saw another spike a full year later, during a months-long government deadlock following parliamentary elections in September As we noted above, another major trend in misinformation is content that disparages distinct groups of people — in this case, low-income people.

Though this particular ruse started on Twitter, fake accounts are a major vector of misinformation on Facebook, too. Blocking fake accounts is one of the most impactful steps in our fight to curb false news. In the third quarter of — the time period covered by our most recent Community Standards Enforcement Report — we disabled million fake accounts, having found How we caught it This image was detected via machine learning. The URL inspection tool formerly Google Fetch and Render is a great free tool that allows you to check if Google can properly render your pages.

Scroll down the screenshot to make sure your web page is rendered properly. Ask yourself the following questions:. Why does the screenshot look different than what I see in my browser? Here are some possible reasons:. Fortunately, the URL Inspection tool points out all the resources of a rendered page that are blocked by robots.

In most cases, it may be a good idea to simply ask your developers about it. They created your website, so they should know it well. Obviously, if the name of a script is called content. The previous Google Fetch and Render had such an option:.

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Open the page in the most recent version of Chrome and go to Chrome Developers Tools. Then move to the Network tab and refresh the page. Refresh the page and see if any important content disappeared. If so, then you should think about deleting the corresponding rule from your robots. Your website may work fine in most recent browsers, but if it crashes in older browsers Google Web Rendering Service is based on Chrome 41 , your Google rankings may drop.

2. Define Your Buyer Persona (or Personas) Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Was Sie wissen müssen (​German Edition) (SEO Guide) eBook: Mohammed Khan, Lara Sophia: Kindle Store. Lara Khan - German eBooks / By Language: Kindle Store Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Was Sie wissen müssen (German Edition) (SEO Guide). by Mohammed Khan and Lara Sophia. Kindle Edition · ₹0₹0. Free with.

You have to make sure Google has properly indexed your content. The best option for this is to use the site: command. When Google enables mobile-first indexing for these websites, these websites will suffer. Then navigate to any page. Open the mobile version of the Mobile Phones category of Aliexpress. There are over 2, products in the mobile phone category on Aliexpress. That means 99 percent of the products from that category are invisible for mobile Googlebot!

These errors are caused by the wrong implementation of lazy loading. There are many other websites that make similar mistakes. Another important step in auditing a JavaScript website is to make sure Google can see your menu links. To check this, use Chrome Next, open Chrome I have often observed that in the case of many e-commerce stores, Google cannot discover and index their content that is hidden under tabs product descriptions, opinions, related products, etc.

Open Chrome 41 and navigate to any product on Boohoo. Click F5 to refresh the page. Once refreshed, navigate to the Elements tab and search for a product description:.

If you are still struggling with Google ranking, you might want to think about implementing dynamic rendering or hybrid rendering. And, of course, feel free to reach out to me on Twitter about this or other SEO needs.

Joel Fuhrman is a physician, nutritional researcher and New York Times best-selling author. He shares how he built his online brand and uses social media strategy to foster patient engagement with deeply personal experiences. There are other people involved.

The whole purpose of our social media is to help people feel connected with one another. It also provides that sense of authenticity that so many brands are trying to achieve with their social media. We have a Zoom meeting two or three times a week. So far, the response has been great — they love connecting, learning and sharing.

Providing that unique opportunity to connect helps them and motivates them — and they really appreciate it.

2. Define Your Buyer Persona (or Personas)

We did a campaign with a radio station. They held a contest where six people would follow my program and the station would check in with them on the air. These six people lost an amazing amount of weight. I think my message is only effective for a small percentage of our population. My niche is not to water down the message to appeal to what people want to hear and want to do.

Managing the complexities of social media across multiple platforms can be a significant challenge for businesses. With the right technology and approach to your social media, however, scaling your social strategy while maintaining authenticity is possible. Having a strong social media presence has a significant impact on your brand and its reputation.

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Here are a few statistics:. An effective social strategy has many benefits, including:. Consumers who reach out to brands on social media expect a response within minutes. Businesses may have hundreds or thousands of locations, each with its own local characteristics. With growth comes several challenges that apply to B2C and B2B companies alike:. Brands today need solutions that create highly responsive, consistent and valuable social media content.

At Reputation. Die Kunden vertrauen Facebook-Rezensionen.

Wenn Sie auf eine Rezension auf Facebook antworten, sieht jeder Abonnent der Seite, wie engagiert Sie sich der Verbesserung des Kundenerlebnisses widmen. Sie haben dann selbst in der Hand, was auf Ihren Seiten steht. Das ist eindeutig die bessere Option. Zuhause verfasst er eine vernichtende Bewertung auf Google, die von aller Welt gelesen werden kann. Sie haben nun also die Chance, Pluspunkte zu gewinnen.

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In diesem Sinne untersuchte Reputation. Das sind demnach die drei wichtigsten Merkmale:. Das Kundenerfahrungsmanagement sollte etwas anderes sein als das E-Mail-Posteingangsmanagement. Ihr Team braucht ein spezielles System, das sich auf die Kunden konzentriert. Das Team muss sofort benachrichtigt werden, wenn Kundenfeedback eingeht. Beschwerden sollten automatisch dem richtigen Team zugewiesen werden, damit es umgehend aktiv werden kann. Es muss einiges unter einen Hut gebracht werden. Die Teammitglieder sehen in individuellen Dashboards nur die ihnen zugewiesenen Tickets. Ihre besten Vertriebs- und Kundendienstmitarbeiter sind am produktivsten, wenn sie Beziehungen zu den Kunden aufbauen.

Die mobile App sollte eine einfache, minimalistische Version der Webanwendung sein. Wichtige Funktionen wie die Beantwortung von Feedback, die Verwendung markengerechter Vorlagen und die Zusammenarbeit mit Teammitgliedern sollten unkompliziert unterwegs bedienbar sein. Mit diesen drei Merkmalen im Blick entwickelte Reputation.