May I Wash Your Feet

The surprising reason why you might want to wash your feet before bed
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Daily showers are for areas that produce a lot of sweat-armpits, crotch, ass. You don't need to scrub yourself head to toe. It's a waste of time and it's bad for your skin. Ultimately, this led to an exploration of other parts of the body and the latest has sent the Black Delegation into a frenzy: washed feet.

How Clean Are Your Feet?

Your thoughts? Alright, this has already sparked a lot of talk here and brought up a follow up question: Do you wash your feet?

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It's very possible that Katie received more feedback than she had anticipated once the Black Twitter congregation got a hold of it. From the jokes to the sheer audacity, there is no turning back now. Y'all don't wash your legs or feet!? What do y'all wash?

Lord I Come (Wash my feet) - Worship song

The soapy water that came off your dirty body??? Start today!!! Why is this even a discussion? Now I understand why Britain is in this state.

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I must wash every saved soul, and every saved soul must be washed. There Once Was A Farmer. Herman Bavinck. You cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube but you certainly can use it for an extra scrubbing Ye call me Master and Lord, and ye say well, for so I am. LOVE is manifestly the other part of the great practical lesson. Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet.

Your feet are the closest thing to the nasty ass ground. Brown goes further to describe the disciples reclining on couches on their sides: heads supported by one hand with the other hand within distance of the dishes on the table in front of them. While reclining was not a normal position at meals, it was customary at Passover. By dressing as a servant and undertaking the servile and humiliating task of washing feet, Jesus identifies the paradoxical manner in which God chooses to reveal himself. The foot-washing episode parallels the account in Luke , wherein Jesus states: "I am among you as one who serves"; it also echoes the confessional hymn of Philippians , in which the Christ is described as one who "emptied himself, taking the form of a slave And since the implications of this action would not be immediately obvious to the disciples, Jesus unfolds its meaning in his subsequent discussion with Peter vv.

Newbigin describes Jesus as "proceeding with utmost deliberation to perform a prophetic action that will interpret to the disciples that terrible event which they cannot now understand. He came to Simon Peter, who said to him, "Lord, are you going to wash my feet? And you are clean, though not all of you. Whether Peter speaks out on behalf of the others or only for himself is not clear, but his impetuous reaction is typically Petrine in style.

The dialogue that ensues over the foot-washing incident involves a three-fold pattern of Jesus responding to statements from Peter.

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His protest is understandable: indeed, it is representative of normal human nature, for "how can the natural man recognize the supreme God in the stooping figure of a slave, clad only in a loincloth? Second, in verse 8, Peter is still not satisfied and protests even more strongly: no, he insists, I will not participate in this. This resistance echoes his rebellion in Mark and Matt ff, where Peter rebukes Jesus for speaking of crucifixion. In the Synoptic passages as here, Jesus replies directly and forcefully, pointing out "the necessity of accepting the scandal of the cross.

Lord, Are You Going to Wash My Feet? - John 13:6-15

Foot-washing is so important, Jesus says, that without it one cannot "share" with him. By symbolizing the sacrifice of Jesus, it also acts as an invitation to be "washed" into love and fellowship with Jesus; into a share of his kingdom as we are cleansed of sin.

As Taylor describes it:. Jesus tells Peter he will be lost if he does not accept this act. The crucifixion-death of Jesus is not an evil to be rejected, a scandal that proves the unworthiness of the one who dies that way. What is the first bath that makes a second one unnecessary? What, then, does foot-washing represent?

The difficulty in exegesis stems primarily from two concerns: 1 the word "bathed" perhaps introduced into the dialogue as a synonym for washing ; and 2 the phrase "except for the feet," which some ancient manuscripts exclude.

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Some commentators favour a sacramental interpretation, whereby the term "bath" refers to Christian Baptism and subsequent "washings" refer to the sacrament of Penance or another sacrament. Others view it in a non-sacramental manner, but still distinguish between "bathing" and "washing" in that "the disciples, already cleansed by their fellowship with Christ, need only to have their slighter faults removed.

However, a more plausible reading of this text suggests that the references to "bathing" and "washing" are interchangeable and that the clause "except for the feet" is a scribal addition. This view is favoured by Brown, who offers the following explanation:. If you are looking for a magic number that applies to everyone then you will be sorely disappointed. The answer to this question, like the answer to the question "how many Justin Bieber posters is considered too many," really depends on and varies by the individual.


The main reason you shower is to remove dead skin cells, sweat, dirt, and anything that may lead to problematic body odor. Body odor most commonly occurs when your apocrine glands, a type of sweat gland that tends to be located in areas with lots of hair follicles, secrete a milky fluid which is then broken down into odor-ful substances by bacteria on your skin. That's why your armpits and groin area don't tend to naturally smell like lavender.

Therefore, if you sweat excessively, are a mud wrestler, or are told on multiple occasions that you legs really stink, you should probably wash your legs directly more often. Another reason to wash your legs directly would be to keep any wounds clean.

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Your skin can provide a natural barrier to many bacteria, but damage to your skin can allow bacteria to get under your skin, so to speak. On the flip side, washing your legs directly too often could actually damage your skin by washing away that oily protective barrier on your skin.

Damage could be worse if you use soap with harsher chemicals like showering with laundry detergent or rub your skin with a utensil such as exfoliating with a Brillo Pad loofah. Therefore, to determine whether you are washing your legs directly too often or not often enough. Pay attention to your legs and use the following algorithm:.

Ultimately, the answer depends on you. Don't listen to arbitrary limits that apply to everyone.

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