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From this moment in , Dadaglobe was never again mentioned in writing, and was long thought to be a mere hoax; another tongue-in-cheek Dada prank meant to throw ingenuous critics off the scent.

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To my mind, the abrupt end of such a fully developed and enthusiastically greeted project remains the great, unanswered question of this reconstruction project. The works he solicited remained in his possession until they were dispersed at his death, landing mostly in museums in Europe and the United States. Sudhalter describes in precise detail how obstacles to international movement and communication in this moment of heightened bureaucracy shaped the structure and content of the original Dadaglobe.

The administration of national identity was underway, for example, with the development of a standardized passport system that required photographs and signatures in addition to identifying descriptors, and insisted on fastening individuals to a single nation-state. Naturally, many of these threw standards out of the window. Re-editions, special editions and facsimiles are common in the publishing world; whole imprints are devoted to them, and they often take on an object-quality similar to that of Dadaglobe Reconstructed.

But a full-on posthumous conjuring from fragments is rare, rather than expected, and I cannot think of a precedent in art publishing. But then Dadaglobe in its initial conception was an extraordinary project. Previously, this kind of paper exhibition space had been confined to documentary and scientific photography, and this may explain why Man Ray, who was only just learning to handle a camera, was quick to understand and embrace the possibilities of the form. That Max Ernst did, as well, including specific instructions to the printer for reproducing his collage Chinese Nightingale testifies to a widespread readiness for new forms of art that could evade the institutional confines of gallery space.

From this point of view, mounting the project as an exhibition makes little sense, even when it appears in galleries devoted to prints and illustrated books. Every page must explode. With such a clear directive, and with the book itself in the process of materialization, the uninspired installation reads as a stunning missed opportunity.

Museum studies professor Bruce Altshuler has suggested that foregoing visual spectacle in favor of the kind of brainy, discursive approach typical of ephemera-heavy shows may be the onlyway for museums to remain socially relevant. But giving attention to installation design that structurally communicates the main ideas of the works in question should not be mistaken for empty showmanship. Opting for a more dynamic, even claustrophobic installation might have helped communicate some of the contexts that Sudhalter so skillfully evoked in the book.

In this case, the model could have been his own portrait contribution, a photograph in which he is depicted swamped by sliding piles of ephemera. The items seem, at first, too many and too alike to be memorable; but this impression is almost immediately followed by the sense that they are too intensely detailed and distinctive to be absorbed in a single viewing.

Thus the first room, lined with a multitude of small portraits of varying interest this category, as it turns out, drew the greatest response , soon reduces the viewer to skimming for something that catches the eye. This is the best reason to present the Dadaglobe photos and artworks themselves to the public, even if they were never intended for the wall. Likewise, the strong presence of undersung figures such as Ribemont-Dessaignes and Johannes Baargeld will force reassessments of the principal shapers of the movement through the sheer number of their contributions.

While there are startlingly few photographs portraits aside , some familiar ones take on new meaning in this context. For example, the Dadaglobe directive seems to have brought home to Man Ray the confusion of mediums typical of photography, and he here identifies and exploits it as something explicitly Dada. Is his photographic contribution, By Products n. While these inclusions raise productive comparisons between the private intimacy of the page and the public forum implied by the exhibition, foregrounding the ways the institution as a site comes to bear on the objects it encloses, they undercut the significance of Dadaglobe , the artbook as a new space of display, and the landmark status that its reconstruction represents.

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Since , the Belgian francophone rugby league offers a one-week immersion traineeship in English for 14 to 17 year-old female and male players. All along the week, participants attend on a daily basis 4-hour English classes adapted to their level assessment tests are taken on the first day and 4-hour rugby training sessions. English is present everywhere, since language tu After an initiation phase in the candidate groups of learners, the involved schools participated in a competition during which the pupils presented their own artistic productions on stage, comparing them with those of their fellow competitors.

The Dutch language teachers project who had Coaching point. The project, conducted by a language teacher, offers personalised coaching for adult learners, providing personalised remediation in languages and psychological support at the same time. Its goal is to eliminate the extralinguistic elements that interfere with the learning process. This coaching scheme was set up to address the poor proficiency level attained by adult learners, which did not match either their personal investment or their alleged skills.

Museums of the Mind: German Modernity and the Dynamics of Collecting By Peter M. McIsaac

Indeed, the environment of adult learners Accelerated Sign Linguage Training. The accelerated sign language courses have been organised upon request of deaf children's families. FALS acronym used to name the courses are one week long and are divided into four different levels. Other available courses approach the poetic dimension of the sign language or offer the opportunity for interested children to learn sign language.

In spite of public recognition, sign language is still underused or not mastered by deafness professionals, both in educational and specialised org Language Rally. The event, consisting of a playful approach to languages, an intercultural meeting and a pedestrian rally, has been taking place since For its 14th edition, Bruxelles Formation celebrated its 20th anniversary by inviting its partners Organisations for Social and Professional Integ Without papers.

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Passport for the future. As a consequence, teachers need to develop new strategies to manage a class. Tasks foster cooperation, autonomy, differentiation and creativity without depreciating traditional teaching methods. Create your future. Traditional teaching is replaced by real situations to tackle through role play, based on the YEP Challenge. Students organise business meetings, create business plans, a brochure and a corporate video. They also write a job offer, a cover letter and a CV, and they take part in a job interview recruitment simulation. Everyone HAS to speak.

The final assessment takes place in front of an external jur Discovering WW1 and an eTic alterity.

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The project aimed at much more than a simple intellectual understanding of the conflict, and this is why the novel The Wars by Findley was included in the program, since its reading would lead the student to identify themselves with an ultimate Other — a character who is foreign, bisexual, maime Spice up your English. Being free of charge, it allows thousands of learners to acquire knowledge — such as mastering grammatical structures and syntax in order to understand A2 level texts — as well as skills — such as writing, pronunciation and listening.

It also offers the opportunity to identify online tools and resources that fit best into their learning style. This course is equipped with innovative tools and ac The main objective is to promote linguistic training and, particularly, distance learning. Together with Agent more than trainees Pedagogical tool for modern languages teaching to pupils with special needs or who didn't obtain a primary school certificate. The tool aims to help those pupils prepare for and take the CEB exam again before joining a mainstream secondary class.

A young people encounter - A Language and Integration Project. The aim of the project was that newly arrived young people aged 16 — 19 would meet Swedish students at a Swedish Upper Secondary school and work together. Before the project, our newly arrived students often said that they rarely, if ever, had the opportunity to talk to peers with Swedish as their mother tongue. The most important goal was to encourage language interactio As teachers, we often face the problem that pupils consider language learning as something rather abstract and more or less unrelated to their current lives.

Certificate examination in Polish as a foreign language at the B1, B2 and C2 levels. The honourable European Language Label was awarded to the system for the certification of proficiency in Polish as a foreign language. The system was introduced in The project forms a strategic innovation due to the fact that teaching Polish as a foreign language TPFL has been adapted to European standards. The Commission was established in by the Minister of National Education and in was transformed into State Commission for the Certification of Proficiency in Polish as a The schools and pre-schools decided to develop the approach and education to help L2 children reach the level of proficiency required for learning advanced academic content.

Our policy for language learning is the foundation who guides us in our work. Latvian language learning for reemigrants and their family members. The aim of the project is to improve Latvian language skills for Latvian reemigrants and their family members using interactive learning methods. The target group of the project are reemigrants who moved away from Latvia in and have returned back, and also their family members, including spouses who can be citizens of other EU countries.

The project activities are closely linked with the aims of the project, thus facilitating communication and social inclusion. Within the project a special Diverse materials are made available to schools, students and parents: such as sound files with prepared instructions and information; booklets; and interactive sound file tra Basics of Aviation English. The project was created in order to expand the basic teaching of English within the scope of secondary school curricula, mainly to include specialised aviation vocabulary which is crucial for future success both in the labour market and in further studies.

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An important aspect was to encourage mostly technically-minded students to develop their foreign language skills. This is a basic multimedia course that provides an initial introduction to the themes, which is followed by a set of specialised Students tend to have a bias against certain subjects such as mathematics, physics, chemistry etc. WiS — Weather in Schools. Five primary schools from the Czech Republic, Germany, Spain, Lithuania and Turkey created a project dedicated to meteorology, i.

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The basic objective was to introduce meteorology and make it accessible to pupils and students of primary and secondary schools.