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Joy In the Journey ~ Encouragement for Homeschooling Moms

The End In Mind. Holiday Self-Care Plans. Homeschool Prayer from Stacey of Layered Soul. I feel that this series needs its own category! These incredible homeschoolers shared from the heart to offer their very best tips and ideas on homeschool encouragement. Homeschooling Is Hard Yet Valuable! Enter the givewaway using the widget on the iHomeschool Network Things post.

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  6. Joy In the Journey: Encouragement for Homeschooling Moms.

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Favorite Homeschool Mom? NOT!

Yep, you're not alone, and hopefully neither am I These are confessions related to homeschooling, my family, and life in general. Hopefully, after this episode you still love me :. We are officially done with school for the year!

I look forward to Summer vacation each year, but it wasn't always like that. There was a day when I started a new school year, still burnt out from the year before. Then, I realized what the problem was. I was doing what a homeschool mom should NOT do on summer vacation.

I am sharing what that is, and how you can enjoy your summer, and give your kids the gift of a more joyful mom! Yes, homeschooling works. That is one thing that Colleen Kessler has taught me through the years. If you have ever doubted your ability as a homeschool mom or wondered if you were screwing up your kids, Colleen is here to encourage you. In this episode, she shares how she trusts herself as a homeschool mom, finds joy in observing her kids, and reminds herself daily that balance is a myth! While I may love homeschooling, there are also numerous things I dislike about homeschooling!

Homeschool Encouragement for Moms: 4 Tips For Easier Homeschooling

I am sharing a few of those homeschool pet peeves today. While homeschooling has been a HUGE blessing to my family, it's not all peaches and cream. Here are some things to consider before you begin homeschooling. In today's society, Christian parenting is not for the faint of heart. In a world that tells our kids everything a Christian is not, we need to be able to point them back to the Lord.

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My friend Lynna is telling us how to do that with grace, and maybe some mistakes along the way. She is sharing her fears, struggles, and finding joy in the midst of it all. Let's learn how to raise our children to love the Lord with Lynna Sutherland. One of the biggest things I hear when I talk about homeschooling with other Christian parents is that their kids go to school to be the salt and the light.

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I have heard that our local public school would be a better place if I let my kids go there because they could be a light in a dark place. Both make me want to vomit. The other day we were doing our daily bible study and we came across the verse where Jesus was choosing His disciples and he said to them, "Come and Follow Me" Matthew Recently, my teenage daughter, had a friend tell her that she was glad she wasn't homeschooled because she was able to witness to kids at school.

The same week she was discussing ministering to young kids at a bible camp she is working at this summer in a leadership training. She was told at that meeting that she was not going to be as equipped to answer some questions from kids because she hadn't "experienced" things because she was homeschooled. I found this verse to be the perfect time to explain to my CHILD that it is not their job to be the salt and the light.

Today is Apraxia Awareness day and I am so excited to share with you our story with Apraxia, what it means to me, the struggles that Apraxia has brought to our family, and how we have learned to look past the diagnosis into the beautiful gift that is our son. As many of you know, I am homeschooling my boy with special needs.

This task can be difficult, defeating, and at times overwhelming. But, special needs homeschooling doesn't have to be a drudgery. It can be a gift. I am tackling the topic of special needs homeschooling today with my friend Shawna Wingert. Guys, she is a blessing, and encouragement to all special needs parents. But, even if you are not homeschooling with special needs you will get a lot from this episode because all of our children have quirks, they all learn in different ways, and we can celebrate the child God has given us.

One question I get a lot from moms is how to deal with homeschool criticism. This is particularly hard when their family is against homeschooling. I have some experience with this and am sharing my heart today about how to deal when your family is against homeschooling. And, how sometimes, even though we want things to change, the family never comes on board with homeschooling. This was a difficult episode to record, but one that needs to be discussed. How would you like to have a weekly devotional for every week of the homeschool year? If you're a homeschooling mom, you will want to check out Joy In the Journey. Walk by Faith,. Labels: Books , Homeschooling , Parenting. Lori October 4, at AM.

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