Ghosts of Manhattan: The Haunted Locations of Manhattan, New York City

The Dark Side of NYC: 8 Haunted Spots to Visit This Fall
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His ghost has been witnessed walking the balcony during dress rehearsals, or sitting in a desk at his old office. Staff and guests alike have heard the sound of pianos and seen unexplainable lights, and some have even witnessed the apparition of a woman in a brown dress moving from room to room.

One out of every five people were marked with chalk, meaning they were suffering from some kind of health problem and would have to be taken away from their families to get treatment at one of the hospitals. Doctors did everything they could to help heal the sick and to keep illness from spreading, but sometimes there was nothing they could do to help.

Between and , people died in quarantine in two separate hospitals on the island. When he went to investigate, there was no one there. Often times, people will hear doors opening and closing on their own, or even the sound of muffled crying. Reportedly, Youth Conservation Corps worker George DuRan was visiting the island one afternoon when he heard the sound of furniture moving in the Great Hall. Knowing he was alone in the building, he went to greet the visitors, only to find the room, once again, completely empty.

Many guests have reported run-ins with ghostly apparitions as they explore the spooky graveyard.

The acre graveyard is also said to be home to a weeping ghost, whose voice has been captured many times crying in the dead of night. Though the majority of the house was demolished in to make room for NYU Law School's Furman Hall, the university kept a facsimile of the building's facade and left one original banister in place—though that banister doesn't lead to any additional floors in the building, it's been said that Poe's spirit likes to climb it from time to time.

Via Twitter. Via Facebook. Before it was a lavishly appointed dining room serving up some of the best Beef Wellington in the area, One If By Land was Aaron Burr's carriage house, dating back to His is just one of a passel of ghosts said to haunt the restaurant's grounds, with as many as 20 restless spirits looming over diners as they enjoy their tasting menus.

Aaron may be the most famous Burr said to walk the halls, but he's also reportedly joined by his daughter, Theodosia. Though she died at the hands of pirates on her way from South Carolina to New York, she nevertheless managed to complete the journey—albeit without her body. That may sound sweet, but Theodosia is a temperamental bitch with a penchant for pulling the earrings off of female guests. Another spirit, believed to be a long-dead Ziegfield follies girl, inhabits the back office.

Then there's the guy who chills by the fireplace, and the one who favors the front door. On any given night, One If By Land enjoys a high ghost-to-human ratio, but let me tell you this: It's one thing to flee in terror if an unseen entity runs its fingers through your hair or puts on your jacket. But if it tries to make off with your seared foie gras, fight back. No one—not beloved dining companion nor mischievous poltergeist—has the right to deprive you of a single bite.

Lauren Evans. I am still with you.

Washington Square Park

Oct 5, In her book Ghosts and Murders of Manhattan, Elise Gainer writes that people have "seen a woman appear on the observation deck. Sep 25, The most haunted places in NYC range from quirky museums to historical attractions. Watch out for ghosts.

He claimed to have seen a ghostly figure, who he called The Crying Lady, wandering the halls—though maybe that was vision was thanks to a tab of Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Courtesy Wally Gobetz's flickr. The bar's since served as a favorite watering hole for fellow writers, but it's said Thomas's ghost still hangs out at his favorite table, where bartenders say beer and shot glasses randomly appear from time to time.

Clear all. Up to 1 hour 2. Free Cancellation Sort Close. Traveler Rating. Price Low to High. Price High to Low. Duration Short to Long. Duration Long to Short. New on Viator. Clear Filters. Sort by: Featured Featured. Free Cancellation: Get a full refund up to 24 hours in advance on most experiences. See Details. New standard cancellation policy. See experiences with free cancellation. Hear chilling stories of celebrity ghosts, lost children, phantoms and much more.

1. Washington Square Park, Greenwich Village

In addition to telling rarely-heard stories, your guide brings you to haunted locations that often go unnoticed by visitors and locals alike. To ensure a memorable experience, group size is capped at 20 or fewer.

Discover the dark side of Manhattan on a 2-hour private evening walking tour in Greenwich Village, known to be one of New York City's most haunted districts. Following a private guide, visit some of the neighborhood's creepiest locations, such as the Brown Building at New York University and Washington Square Park. Along the way, listen to stories of celebrity spirits, local phantoms, and more. Indulge your interest in the macabre with this darkly fascinating experience. Hear stories about creepy events people swore took place throughout the city, and see for yourself if you think spirits and a bit of paranormal activity exist in the area.

East Village Haunted Manhattan tour star-5 Get the inside scoop on the haunted history of writer Edgar Allen Poe on this 1. Your in-the-know guide will fill you in on the ghostly presences in Washington Square Park and its surrounds. A Haunting Walking Tour In New York this tour explores tales of death,despair, and the afterlife with a walk through one of New York's most historic and scenic neighborhoods.

Discover fascinating history, folklore,and ghost stories ranging from the secret graves, the mysterious Edgar Allan Poe, and an infamous murder that shocked Manhattan. Conducted by a native born New Yorker who knows the streets and stories.

Ghost Guide to New York City’s Most Haunted Places

Haunted Broadway Walking Tour star-4 4. Sing the creepiest anthems from dark Broadway musicals, then dance your way through an eerie stage number. Finish your tour with a glimpse of the future by booking optional session with a soothsaying tarot and palm reader. Times Scare! Ghost Pub Crawl star-1 1. The tour includes one craft cocktail. Greenwich Village 2-Hour Walking Tour star Dive into the spooky history of New York on ghost tour through Greenwich Village.

Along the way, your guide points out haunted historic landmarks that visitors and locals walk past without a glance. Legends told on this tour range from the Boston Strangler to the ghosts of the Triangle Fire, making this a perfect activity for adults and children over Ghost Tour Greenwich Village Seriously, how many ghosts do you think actually come out for huge, giggling Groups?

This specific Tour Experience is limited to 6 Participants or less. All locations we walk to have one or more documented hauntings and poltergiestic activity. Greenwich Village Haunted Tour star-5 1. For a near-perfect combination of New York City history with spooky stories, don't miss this guided ghost tour of historic Greenwich Village. Follow your guide from Washington Square Park through the village, where you hear about spirits haunting a former potter's field, ghosts in an old dorn building, and even a story about the spectre of a dog.

With quirky details and insights into the buildings you pass along the way, this tour is a great way to enjoy a few ghoulish tales, with a dash of history. Learn about the many apparitions that spook some of the finest and famous watering holes in the neighborhood including one of the oldest bars in New York City where the legendary illusionist Harry Houdini still performs tricks.

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Experience the apparitions at the most haunt ed house in the city! We will check out the hotel that is right next to a cemetery! And, of course, it wouldn't be an East Village ghost tour without meeting the famous 17th century leader of New Amsterdam at his farm house, Peter Stuyvesant. Perhaps enjoy a free drink courtesy of a rather famous Welsh poet still haunts his favorite literary landmark. Drink at a very trendy inn sometimes frequented by celebrities and also a nineteenth century phantom.

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Female patrons at the bar are rumored to have had their earrings removed by Theodosia. The lighthouse, which dates back to the s and secured a spot on the National Register of Historic Places in , stands at feet above sea level and carries with it a haunted legacy. Our guide, Damien, was extremely knowledgeable about the city and its history. Thanks for letting us know! Sign up to receive it, and unlock our digital magazines. One If by Land, Two If by Sea West Village Taking a date out to a romantic meal may be the most terrifying thing you do all week, but that pales in comparison to the hauntings at this intimate steak and seafood spot.

Visit a well known West Village piano bar that has several ghosts residing in the restroom and basement. Ghost hunt at the most famous New York speakeasy which used to have two entrances--one for customers the other for apparitions.